Q2 2023


Selected Francis features and fixes unpacked

Coming up - What we're currently working on:

  • Scenario planning
  • Dimensions (e.g., departments)

New version history

May 10th

You can now save versions of your model for future reference, which makes it easy to manage start-of-year budgets, rolling forecasts, and follow-ups.
We've described how to run a world-class budgeting cycle in Francis here.

Topbar redesign

May 10th, 2023

Complementary to version history, we've made the top bar more user-friendly.
The old "Budget" view corresponds to the "Current draft based on actuals for Dec 2022". Save a version to lock it in.

Format rows

April 27th, 2023

We have introduced a variety of formatting options!
In the format row settings, you can choose between:
  • Type: currency / number / percentage
  • Font and borders: different selections of bold/italic/borders

Automatic format settings

April 27th, 2023

We've also introduced automatic formatting settings that make models look nicer:
  • Show zeros as: dash (-) / blank / 0
  • Number format: Automatically scale numbers with a K (thousands), M (millions), or B (billions.. fingers crossed!)
You can adjust these settings under Settings > Preferences.

Multi-select cells to copy/paste + delete

April 10th, 2023

When multi-selecting cells in Francis, you can now copy/paste and delete.
This makes it easier to copy/paste numbers across Francis/Excel/Sheets. If you're using an EU decimal separator, we will automatically detect that and transform you data.
Please note that you can currently not copy/paste a selection into the actuals override layer. We will enable that in the future.
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