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Create your first model

Start from scratch or leverage Francis' templates to get started

Blank budget

Create a blank budget if you wish to build your model from scratch or recreate an existing model from Excel or Google Sheets. This option is ideal for those who prefer to build their own model.
Building your financial model from scratch


Use templates to get started quickly. Templates are correctly set up from the get-go (including cash flow statements) and include standard items across different industries. This is a good choice for those who want to get started quickly, follow best practices, and customize as needed.

Chart of accounts

Generate a model based on the Chart of accounts from your connected data source. This option is great for those who wish to create a model that 1:1 matches their chart of accounts. This model does not include template elements such as the cash flow statement and hiring plan, since it's only based on P&L and balance sheet accounts from your chart of accounts.
Generating a financial model based on your chart of accounts