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Working with annual budgets and rolling forecasts

Saving versions

If you need to save an annual budget or forecast for future reference, navigate to the 'Versions' menu located on the left side of the top bar. From here, you can save the current version of your model.
For instance, if you've prepared an annual budget for the upcoming fiscal year, saving this version will lock it, ensuring its availability for future comparisons with subsequent versions of your budget.
Saving forecast versions

Working with versions

Once you have saved model versions, such as an annual budget and rolling forecasts, you will be able to reference these versions in charts and reports. It enables you to compare annual budgets versus re-forecasts, providing insights into the changes in your model throughout the fiscal year.
Creating charts and reports based on actuals, annual budgets and rolling forecasts.
For more information on working with versioning in Francis, consider reading our guide Working with annual budgets and rolling forecasts or see our 4. Reporting section for more information about our Comparison reportand charting options.