Row status


Row statuses provide a simple yet effective means for team communication and collaboration on parts of your model that may require attention or where budget contributors should input their assumptions. The row status feature is intentionally simple, allowing teams to assign their own meanings to the four default statuses.


Setting a row status

As the name implies, statuses are assigned at the row level. The row status can be accessed through the action menu on any row in your model. Francis currently supports four statuses: no status, to do, in progress, and done. By default, all rows in your model are set to no status.

Automatic propagation

Row statuses automatically propagate to groups. If any row within a group has a status other than the default, the most critical status from the rows will be displayed for the entire group. If a group contains rows, each with a different status, the "To-do" status (considered the most critical) will be displayed at the group level. This feature helps easily identify parts of your model that require attention, even if row statuses are hidden within nested groups.