Transaction drill-downs enable you to more efficiently understand variances in your model. They can be viewed directly from the model view and give you a better understanding of the transactions that make up each number in your model.

Francis only imports booked entries from accounting systems. Draft transactions are not imported and are not available in transaction drill-downs.


Transactions drill-down

First, select the cell for which you want to view transactions to enable the transactions drill-down. Then, select Transactions from the top bar. This will open a side drawer displaying a complete list of all transactions posted from the accounts mapped to the specific rows within the selected month.

Converted transactions

If actuals from your accounting system are converted using our Custom Exchange Rate, both the converted and original transaction values will be accessible in the transactions drill-down. This feature ensures that transactions can be easily viewed and traced back to their original accounting source.

Balance sheet transactions

Francis accumulates balance sheet accounts from accounting integrations. Note that the transactions drill-down only shows monthly posted transactions and not starting values. Consequently, if balance sheet accounts remain unchanged month over month, no transactions will appear when enabling drill-down. Read our documentation on adjustments to learn more.

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