Breakdowns enable the segmentation of actuals based on dimensions or entities. Unlike consolidation templates, breakdowns are especially useful when you need to focus on dimensions within a specific part of your model, as they allow you to dissect individual rows.


Dimensional breakdowns

Assuming you have correctly configured an accounting source and specified a dimension in the source settings, you can perform a dimensional breakdown on all rows containing actuals from that specific accounting system. Following this breakdown, you will be able to forecast for each dimension individually.

Entity breakdowns

While we strongly recommend using our consolidation templates for segmenting entity-specific data, you can apply entity breakdowns on individual rows if you prefer not to create separate instances for each entity.

This approach will limit your ability to implement dimensional planning. With multiple connected accounting systems and a need for dimensional planning, we advise first using our consolidation templates to segregate actuals by entity, before applying dimensional breakdowns to each instance.