Dashboards allow you to create a curated selection of charts for reporting and communicating performance throughout your organization. Dashboards are model-specific, meaning that personal dashboards cannot be created. Consequently, dashboards are accessible to all users, including team members who are limited to a viewing role.


Creating dashboards

If you have not yet created a dashboard, begin by selecting Charts from the top bar of your model. This action will open a side drawer where you can add a new dashboard to set up your first one. If you already have existing dashboards, simply open Charts and click on the blue plus button to add additional dashboards.

Creating separate dashboards for legal entities or dimensions will make it easier to identify the correct charts when building reports.

Setting a date range

Each dashboard features a central date setting that determines the months displayed in the charts. To customize the timeline for your specific dashboard, select a starting and ending month from the date settings at the top of the dashboard. Any new charts added to the dashboard will automatically inherit the defined date settings.