Francis supports two built-in, auto-generated reporting options: a month-by-month report and a classic budget variance report. Both reports dynamically update based on the current state of your model, ensuring that the reports reflect the exact rows visible at the time of generation. In simpler terms, if groups are closed in your model, they will appear closed in your reports as well.


Variance reporting

Variance analysis is accessible through the Reports view. It offers a detailed comparison of actual performance against budgeted figures for various periods: the last closed month, year-to-date, and the full fiscal year. Additionally, there is an option to include a forecast, providing an updated outlook on your business's performance for the remaining fiscal year.

For more detailed information on variance analysis, please refer to the documentation.

Month-by-month reporting

The month-by-month report allows users to generate a report covering up to twelve months of data, with options to display both actuals and forecasts. This report is ideal for providing stakeholders with a comprehensive overview of the full fiscal year and should ideally be supplemented with charts to highlight key aspects of your model.

The month-by-month report is useful for sharing actuals and forecasts in a controlled environment. However, inviting stakeholders into your organization will grant them access to additional features, such as transaction drill-downs, enabling them to perform more detailed analyses independently.