Access rights


To protect sensitive or confidential information in your financial models, it may be necessary to restrict access for specific users. You can assign the Limited Viewer role using the following methods:

  • For existing users: You can demote an existing user to the Limited Viewer role from the Members page in your organization settings. By default, this action revokes their access to all models in your organization. To grant access to specific sheets, follow the process outlined below.

  • For new users: You can assign the Limited Viewer role to new users by sharing individual sheets. To do this, navigate to the desired sheet, select the Share option, and enter the email address of the person you wish to invite. This will grant them limited access to the specified sheet.


Limited viewers

Limited viewers can only access specific sheets and models they have been explicitly permitted to view. Access for limited viewers adheres to the principle of least privilege, meaning that, by default, they have no access to any financial models in your workspace.

Limited viewers have restricted permissions and cannot:

  • View dashboards or charts.

  • Edit or adjust financial models.

  • Add, remove, or update general ledger account mappings.

  • Add, remove, or change the roles of organization members.

  • Terminate the account or modify organization settings.

Limited access is currently only available for Enterprise users. For any questions regarding the permissions and access restrictions for limited viewers, please contact our support at

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