Edit rights


From the workspace members settings page, you can invite, remove, and promote/demote members to admin, editor, or viewer roles. Your plan determines the number of team members you can invite into your organization to collaborate on various efforts like consolidation, modeling, and reporting.



The user who creates an organization is automatically assigned the Admin role. Admins have exclusive privileges to invite, remove, promote, or demote team members. They manage members via the Team Members page in the settings. Only an Admin can terminate the organization account.

If you wish to transfer your organization's admin rights to a different team member, please email us at support@francis.app.


Editors have many of the same privileges as Admins but cannot manage team members or terminate the organization. They have full access to all models, allowing them to collaborate closely with Admins on tasks such as modeling, account mapping, forecasting, and consolidation.


Viewers have full access to all models within the organization. Unlike Admins and Editors, Viewers can only view existing work and cannot make any changes. They can access features like downloading reports and viewing transaction details but are not permitted to alter models in any way.