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Sharing your work

Sharing Francis content with stakeholders


Francis supports multiple editors and viewers in one organization. Consequently, the easiest way to share content is to assign viewer rights to relevant stakeholders.
Invite team members to collaborate in the organization settings
Users with viewer rights can view and access all tabs, sections, groups, formulas, and functions. If parts of your model contain sensitive data, consider some of the other sharing options available in Francis. Read more about editing rights in the documentation.


Instead of giving stakeholders direct access to your model, you can export and share customizable reports. Francis has two reporting options; the month-by-month and comparison report.
Month-by-month report
Export of your model and dashboards. Reports can be customized by selecting tabs, sections, and charts relevant to your specific reporting needs.
Comparison report
The comparison report allows finance teams to compare budget versions across three time dimensions; last closed month, year to date, and full fiscal year.
Example of comparison report


Instead of sharing entire reports with stakeholders, you can also download individual charts from the charts pane, which can be accessed from the chart icon in the menu. Downloaded charts are exported with transparent background allowing users to easily implement charts into other reporting mediums.
Downloading and sharing individual charts